My Mother-In-Law Is Worse… | Author Hermine Hilton

“My Mother-In-Law Is Worse…”

If you’ve ever had an In-Law problem, Spousal problem, or Kidlet problem, may this Trilogy serve as a handy support group when there is no other support group handy.

This book is a great read! Hermine Hilton takes you on a personal journey and shares moments that every woman can relate to…”

Lidia Molina

I Love this Book! Whether you are a wife, daughter in law or mother.. you will be able to relate. I found it refreshing that a woman such as Hermine Hilton would have these experiences. Read her bio and you will understand. Every woman is equal and truly “not alone”

Susan Ravenscroft

This book is a poignant, humorous insightful collection of experiences written with tongue in cheek. It is a creative and important
read for all those in or about to enter into a romantic relationship.

Michaela Thomas


Author Hermine Hilton is a globally-known public speaker. Her live appearances are fun, relaxed, entertaining and thought-provoking. Audiences love her and she’s happy to stay for pictures and book signings. Her TV experiences include interviews with Matt Lauer, Charlie Rose and  “Late Show with David Letterman.